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It is now easy to request custom-made products from an artisan, send a message, and submit the requirement and Pay for it when they agree.

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Most Common Questions

    Dashrite Marketplace makes it easy to order or shop from your favorite stores in your community. Dashrite will connect you with a local vendor or business and, after purchases, arrange for your products to be delivered to your door or picked up at a selected vendor location. Place your order, choose a pick-up time, and it will be ready for pick-up.

You can track your orders and communicate with the seller/vendor in the app or website.
If the products you want are not in your community, don’t worry; shop from another vendor in the marketplace, and we will ship them to you.

Dashrite Marketplace partners with other businesses or vendors, and each vendor has its store pricing policy, and they may set the prices of items on the marketplace.
Some vendors may set prices on the Dashrite platform differently from in-store prices, and sometimes Dashrite markup the prices.
You may view store pricing policies for each vendor on the Dashrite marketplace app and website.

Dashrite Marketplace aims to make it right the first time, but if something goes wrong, we got you covered. You’ve got options if something isn’t right. In the Dashrite Marketplace app or website, you can contact the vendor about your orders.

If you still have an issue with the order after contacting your vendor, please reach out to Dashrite Marketplace Support, and we will take care of it.

           to learn more about Dashrite Marketplace products and services visit: Marketplace Support